Get your Surgical Planning in 48h

Put your feet up, what you'll receive in your OR has been extensively tested by a team of expert surgeons
and engineers.

Clinically proven procedures

Avoid endless meetings with engineers. Send us your DICOM image and get your medically proven personalized surgical technique in 48h.


Make every day your best day. With our Patient Specific Surgical Instruments and Implants, obtain a 80% more accuracy than in free hand surgical procedures.

All your surgeries
under control

Don't get lost in paperwork. Have an overview on the status of all your surgeries through our platform.

Up to 60% of surgical time reduction

Get ready to brake records. Our surgery-in-a-box solution is designed to make sure that you don't miss a minute in the OR.

Digital Surgery

We are surgeons working for surgeons

Our digital surgery protocols are developed and validated together with expert surgeons.

How it works

Step 01

Send us the information of your next surgery

Through our platform you can request a case easily, it won’t take more than two minutes.
Upload the DICOM to the platform and we will get to work! or, let us know and we can arrange a pick up.

Step 02

Receive your Tailor Surgery proposal in 48 hours

Once our team of expert doctors and engineers have performed your surgery digitally, we will send you the proposed surgical solution so that you can evaluate it.

Step 03

Receive the Tailor Surgery material in the operating room

Once the proposal is validated, the manufacturing process starts so that you can receive directly to the OR a single use box with al the material that you need to perform the surgery. All of this in 4 days!

Your Sterile, single use, patient specific, clinically tested Tailor Surgery is here

Our surgical Procedures

We are always working on developing new validated surgical procedures. To know more about the surgical procedures that we have available now, see this!

Reverse shoulder arthplasty

Hand & Wrist

Midshaft forearm malunion correction


Distal forearm malunion correction


High Tibia Osteotomy


Posterior Spinal Fusion

Don't find what you need?

We can perform a full custom Tailor Surgery for you.
Request a Full Custom Tailor Surgery here!

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