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Spinal Fussion

Position the pedicle screws precisely, safely and in record time


Ensure the optimal trajectory for your patient's pedicle screws.


Have full control on the drilling depth to be sure you reach the vertebral body and nothing else.

Screws information in advanced

You will know in advance the needed screws and if your patient has some pedicles that require extra attention.

Core solution

Get a detailed digital Surgery including the information you need for pedicle screws positioning

Screws lengths and diameters recommendations

Receive a complete digital surgery report describing the most optimal screws diameter and length for every vertebral level.

Have all the information you need in advanced

Get all needed information information regarding any hypoplasic pedicle or any oder possible anatomical irregularities

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Advanced solution

Go one step forward with our Patient Specific Central PIN Positioning Guide

Ensure the drilling direction and depth

Get a set of Patient Specific Guides, one for each vertebrae, to control the drilling depth and direction. You will also get all the needed instruments to perform the drilling and ensure the guide position

Get yours Advanced Solution

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Clinical indication

This solution is appropriate for the treatment of Degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, scoliosis and fractures


Our Core and Advanced solutions are compatible with:

  • Bidermann MOSS VRS System

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Surgical Case Examples

Need more information? Download our case examples:

TC Protocol

Get the image protocol for the shoulder arthroplasty procedure here:

Scientific evidence

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